1. Write actual letters to family and friends.
  2. Learn calligraphy. YouTube can help.
  3. Learn how to knit or crochet.
  4. Video chat with your long-distance friends.
  5. Try out at-home aerobics or yoga videos.
  6. Look at yourself in the mirror. Attempt a self portrait with pencil and paper.
  7. Write a short story or get started on that novel.
  8. Try to reproduce something you see on Pinterest DIY section.
  9.  Learn how to braid (fishtail, French, etc.) via YouTube tutorials.
  10. Go through your camera roll, pick your favorite pics from the past year and make a photo book or order framed versions online.
  11. Create a Google document of shows or movies you’re watching and share it among family and friends.
  12. Make a list of things for which you are grateful.
  13. Work on your financial planning, such as exploring whether to refinance your loans or ways to save more money.
  14. Play Words with Friends or Boggle with other clients.
  15. Make lists of all the museums, sporting events and concerts you want to visit when they finally reopen.
  16. Rearrange your furniture to make it seem like your room is a totally different space.
  17. Memorize the periodic table. You never know when that will come in handy.
  18. Start learning a new language with Duolingo or Memrise app
  19. Learn a new style of dance via YouTube, from bellydancing to breaking.
  20. Learn the words to “Tung Twista.” Get them so ingrained in your brain that you can rap them as fast as Twista can. Impress everyone.
  21. Been meaning to get some new glasses? Try on new frames virtually on sites like www.GlassesUSA.com.
  22. Attempt things with your non-dominant hand, from writing to brushing your teeth. Prepare to be frustrated.
  23. Learn origami. Make cranes for your loved ones.
  24. Stretch. Work on your flexibility. It’s possible to get the splits back, right?
  25. Try to speak in pig Latin. Or, “ig-pay, atin-Lay.”
  26. Write a song. If you want to make it about your time inside and put it to the tune of “My Sharona” and replace “Sharona” with “Corona,” do what you have to do.
  27. Study the art of beatboxing.
  28. Learn Old English words. Pepper them into your conversation. Wherefore not?
  29. Start listening to a podcast.
  30. Do a crossword/Sudoku puzzle.
  31. Start a blog.
  32. Make a travel bucket list.
  33. Send a Guardian Angel postcard to a loved one.
  34. Plan your next vacation down to the very last detail.
  35. Research volunteering opportunities in your city and mark down the most interesting ones.
  36. Create a shared playlist on Spotify and ask all the people you love to add a few songs to listen to in moments of melancholy.
  37. Keep a quarantine diary: it will be “fun” to read it again in a few years.
  38. Learn a poem off by heart.
  39. If you have a creative hobby like photography, painting, sculpture, writing, or graphic design, consider entering a competition.
  40. Update your resume and portfolio, so the next time you see a job listing that inspires you, you can be the first to apply.
  41. Open a second, themed IG account. Now is the time to get creative.
  42. Look up your mugshot on www.mugshots.com
  43. Watch a yoga tutorial and impress the other clients after lockdown.
  44. Download a meditation app and start meditating.
  45. Study. It’s now possible to take thousands of top-level courses online, completely free. You can even study at Harvard or Yale.
  46.  Start vlogging your quarantine. It’s up to you whether you want to publish them or not, it will still make for entertaining personal viewing in the future.
  47. Learn how to recycle properly.
  48. Learn CPR and First Aid online.
  49. Become legally certified to officiate marriages.
  50. Watch an old cartoon you used to like when you were a kid
  51. Read your horoscope.
  52. Learn how to read the stars and planets.
  53. Learn some bird calls.
  54. Host a trivia game or join a random one online.
  55. Educate yourself about your favorite historical period.
  56. Play some pool, ping pong, or other virtual games with friends (app store).
  57. Look into your ancestry.
  58. Improve your posture.
  59. Set some positive goals.
  60. Learn survival skills.
  61. Reach out to another client and see how they are doing?
  62. Make a DIY advent calendar.
  63. Make the perfect paper airplanes.
  64. Make a music video for your favorite song.
  65. Visit a national park with a virtual tour.
  66. Learn how to code.
  67. Take free karate classes online.
  68. Take a self-portrait every day and make it into a video.
  69. Make a comic strip.